Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms 

The terms and conditions for use of the Site  (named 'Terms and Conditions for Users') determine the conditions under which any person can visit or access the website https://girlslovetechno.events/  / or any of their subdomains (hereinafter 'Site' and / or GirlsLoveTechno) or can use in any way the GirlsLoveTechno  Service offered through the Site (named ‘GirlsLoveTechno Service'), and has a value of a legal agreement between SC PM CREATIVE SOLUTIONS S.R.L.  (hereinafter 'GirlsLoveTechno '), headquartered in Timisoara, Str. STELELOR Nr. 12 , Timișoara, Jud. Timis having registration number in the Romanian Trade Register RC J35/2484/06.2023, VAT number RO 48786485, as the owner and administrator of the Site and provider of GirlsLoveTechno  Service, an online platform for buying and selling tickets for events, and any person visiting or accessing the website or who wishes to use in any manner or actually use the GirlsLoveTechno  Service (hereinafter 'User'). The Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy are an integral part of this set of Terms and Conditions for Users.

The Terms and Conditions for Users must be accepted before using the GirlsLoveTechno  Service on  https://girlslovetechno.events/ or any of their subdomains, owned and managed by  SC PM CREATIVE SOLUTIONS S.R.L.

The components of the GirlsLoveTechno  Service includes, but is not limited to, the software platform GirlsLoveTechno.events for mobile, tablet and/or desktop, the https://girlslovetechno.events/ (GirlsLoveTechno.events) / https://girlslovetechno.events/ (GirlsLoveTechno.events)  websites and their subdomains, the mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

Non-acceptance of these Terms and Conditions or of any of the provisions hereinafter entails the obligation for the User to cease using the Site. Further usage of the Site, of any page contained in it or of the GirlsLoveTechno  Service represents the User’s full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any provisions of it.

  1. Definitions & Terms

For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms mean:

GirlsLoveTechno : is the commercial name of  SC PM CREATIVE SOLUTIONS S.R.L.  (hereinafter 'GirlsLoveTechno '), headquartered in Timisoara, Str. STELELOR Nr. 12 , Timișoara, Jud. Timis having registration number in the Romanian Trade Register RC J35/2484/06.2023, VAT number RO 48786485, as the owner and administrator of the Site and provider of GirlsLoveTechno  Service, who owns and runs the Site and GirlsLoveTechno  Service.

Site: the online platform hosted at https://girlslovetechno.events/ (GirlsLoveTechno.events) and any of its subdomains; and/or the web url owned by the Organizers with whom GirlsLoveTechno  has a legal agreement. 

GirlsLoveTechno  Service: set of functionalities and services made available by GirlsLoveTechno   through the Site.

Organizer: a legal or physical person organizing events (musical, cultural, artistic, sports, conferences, exhibitions, etc.) to which access is based on a free or paid ticket.

Event: musical manifestation, cultural, sports, artistic, conference, exhibition, etc. open to the public, organized for relaxation, entertainment, leisure, cultural, scientific purposes, access to which is based on a ticket.

Account: the section of the Site consisting of an email address and a password that allows the User / Buyer to submit the Order and contains information about the Buyer's User / Buyer and Buyer History on the Site (Orders, Tickets, etc.). The user is responsible and will ensure that all information entered in the creation of the Account is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

User: any natural person over the age of 16 or a legal person registered on the Site, who visits or accesses the Website or who wishes to use in any way or actually uses the GirlsLoveTechno  Service or who by completing the account creation process, and has agreed to the site-specific clauses in the Terms and Conditions for Users section.

Buyer: Also named

Participant, may be any natural person over the age of 16 or any legal entity that makes an Account on the Site and performs an Order.

Order: An electronic document that acts as a form of communication between the Buyer / User and the Organizer through which the Buyer / User sends the Organizer through the Site its intention to purchase tickets from the Site.

Ticket: Unique alphanumeric code (barcode / QR) delivered and stored in electronic or printed form, which provides the holder with access to the event or services described by the Organizer.

Service Fee (Commission): is the fee charged by GirlsLoveTechno  to the Beneficiary for the service provided. In exchange for buying and delivering tickets to events via the https://girlslovetechno.events/  platform and may be different from one event to another and may be a percentage, fixed or mixed (% + fixed amount).

Delivery Fee: is the price charged by GirlsLoveTechno  by the Organizer for the ticket delivery method chosen by the Purchaser / User when placing an Order.

Payment Method Fee: represents the fee charged by PM CREATIVE SOLUTIONS S.R.L to the Beneficiary for the payment method chosen by the Purchaser / User when placing an order.

License: subject to the explicitly accepted Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service and your agreement to your account creation and compliance, we agree to give you access to the use of the site. Your access to the site is provided under the free, limited, non-exclusive, revocable license provided by PM CREATIVE SOLUTIONS S.R.L

Contract: is the distance contract concluded between the Organizer and the User / Purchaser, without the simultaneous physical presence of the Organizer and the User / Purchaser.

1 click Payment: the payment service provided by the integrated payment processor to the Site, made available to Clients, Users and / or Buyers through the Site for an online payment.

GirlsLoveTechno  Network: the ticket distribution network whose sale is mediated by GirlsLoveTechno  and includes the Site and physical points of sale that can be modified by GirlsLoveTechno  at its own discretion.

  1. Buying tickets for events

Buying tickets will be done under the following conditions:

  1. GirlsLoveTechno , through its GirlsLoveTechno  Service and the agreements settled with event organizers, is offering to sell tickets for a wide range of events for the registered users on the site, in return for paying these tickets.
  2. Tickets ordered or paid through the Site will be sent to the user on the registered email and will be found in the "My Tickets" section of the Site.
  3. No tickets will be sold to persons who have not made a prior order of tickets for the Event via the Site.
  4. No tickets will be sold to persons who did not provide proof of payment or who have not been accurate when completing the data entry form when registering on the Site. 
  5. GirlsLoveTechno  reserves the right to cancel orders that do not contain the correct information identifying recipients of services. 
  6. According to the contracts with the event organizers through which GirlsLoveTechno  offers the GirlsLoveTechno  Service, additional processing fees for the payment or delivery method can occur and will be separately identified in ticket order details.
  7. Selected places are reserved upon confirmation of your payment.
  8. GirlsLoveTechno  reserves the right to alter fares without public announcement in advance. 
  9. The amounts shown are the final amounts.

Orders placed on the Site are confirmed by a registration e-mail received after the order has been completed. Tickets ordered are sent in PNG format by email after the order is completed. Upon successful completion of an online order, the buyer receives the purchased tickets (such as if he bought 4 tickets, receives an email with 4 PNG attachments).

  1. Payments and billing

The ordered tickets can be paid with the payment methods offered by the Organizer. The order, implicitly the ticket / tickets, can only be considered valid after the full payment has been made and received.

In accordance with Romanian OUG 28/1999, Article 2, point F, for activities for which receipts are made on fixed-rate vouchers printed in accordance with the law - access tickets to shows and other similar items - no fiscal receipt is issued.

For orders placed on behalf of a legal entity, tax invoices may be issued following a written request at Info@girlslovetechno.events The request must contain all the complete and correct data: the order number and full billing data (company name, VAT, Registered Office Number, Company Address, Delegate). The invoice is not issued by GirlsLoveTechno , but by the Organizer of the event on behalf of which we sell tickets. Receiving an invoice may take several days to one month or more.

  1. Payment methods

To purchase tickets, GirlsLoveTechno  Service supports the following methods of payment:

  1. a) Payment by credit card

Payments through credit or debit cards are processed by MobilPay (SC Netopia SRL) or by EuPlatesc ( Euro Payment Services SRL), GirlsLoveTechno partners in processing the payments. Communication between client and payment processor is via a secure SSL connection, the data transmitted is encrypted. All your financial information will be processed solely by the payment processor. Payment processing will be done only in LEI. If the customer has the account in another currency, the amount will be automatically converted LEI, at the bank rate of the day.

  1. b) Payment through PayPal

The payment amount is calculated in euros using the Paypal course on the day of the order and includes a processing fee of up to 5% added over the ticket price listed separately in the payment summary before clicking on "Pay Now" on the Paypal platform .

  1. Usage of the tickets 

Access to events will be made only after validation at the entrance of the ticket's QR code, with the help of the GirlsLoveTechno  scan app or by using the electronic portal of the GirlsLoveTechno  Service. There are multiple ways of presenting QR code for validation:

  • Electronic ticket received by email and printed on paper. 
  • Electronic ticket received by email and presented on your mobile device.
  • Electronic ticket presented for mobile device, available in the 'My Tickets' link on Site;
  • Printed ticket.

It is your duty to ensure the proper functioning of the mobile terminal and the existence and validity of the electronic ticket, Internet access, etc. Alternatively, if there is no possibility of presenting the electronic ticket, it is your duty to print the electronic ticket, so that the identification elements are visible (QR, show information).

If multiple tickets are purchased for an event, users will receive multiple unique QR codes which will show the number of tickets purchased.

By purchasing tickets on the Site, users agree to comply with the operating rules of the location where the event will take place and/or the rules for the event imposed by the organizer of the event, as they are published on the official website, Facebook page and / or any other electronic or printed information method. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to those individuals who do not comply with the operating rules of the location where the event will take place and / or event rules imposed by the organizer for the scheduled event.

GirlsLoveTechno  does not grant any compensation if access was not allowed due to violation of any provision of the operating rules of the location where the event will take place and/or the access rules set by the event organizer for the scheduled event.

  1. Ticket return policy

GirlsLoveTechno  as a ticketing company (not Event Organizer) that collects ticket value on behalf of third-party organizers, does not hold tickets for sale, can not be held responsible for returning money on purchased tickets, and is not required to return money for purchased tickets. GirlsLoveTechno  will, however, make every effort to determine the ticket organizers to reimburse the amounts paid for the tickets purchased by the buyers.

As a consequence, the entire responsibility towards the users in connection with these events lies with the organizers of the shows. They assume full responsibility for ticket buyers for possible delays, delays, cancellations, or any other issues in connection with events whose tickets have been sold through GirlsLoveTechno .io for their inappropriate performance or under conditions other than those publicly disclosed by the organizer or those provided for by the relevant legislation, as well as any restrictions imposed on events of third parties involved in their organization or authorities.

7.1 Right of withdrawal


GirlsLoveTechno  through the GirlsLoveTechno  Service is an intermediary between event and show organizers and ticket buyers. As a consequence, buyers can not exercise their right of withdrawal under the provisions of Article 16 (l) of GEO No 34/144 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals for the sale of tickets for shows or events sale or purchase of distance or off-premises tickets if the buyer made an order or from the sale or purchase contracts for distance or off-premises tickets within 14 calendar days of the date of entry into possession of the tickets, provided by the applicable law.

Ticket returns and / or refund requests for tickets ordered, paid, delivered and valid for a show or event to be held according to the scheduled schedule (date and time), location and participating artists and / or not had announced no changes to the original program (date and time), location change, or change / retirement artists originally announced as show / event participants. 

7.2 Changes, cancellations, returns, organizational deficiencies

  1. a) GirlsLoveTechno  does not assume responsibility for any delays, delays, cancellations or organizational deficiencies of the event for which the tickets were purchased or for restrictions imposed by the organizer or state institutions (regarding the number of tickets that can be bought by a person or individual subject to legal restrictions, other restrictions), buyers having to contact the organizer of the event for further information.
  1. b) The organizer has the right to modify the event's dates, the new information being announced by means of communication specific to the organizer.
  1. c) In the event of cancellation, delay or major program or distribution changes, GirlsLoveTechno  reserves the right to inform ticket buyers of such changes. This information is a volunteer service of GirlsLoveTechno  and can be done by mail or electronically, via email, sms, social media or GirlsLoveTechno.events
  1. d) For certain events, the organizer is free to refuse to cancel the ticket. The acquisition of tickets for shows is largely exempt from the right of withdrawal governed by OUG 34/2014.
  1. e) The return policy to be applied will be that of the organizer. In the event of an unfortunate cancellation of an event, you will be informed by email and the money will be returned according to the wishes of the event organizer. Unless the parties otherwise agree in writing, the return of the money shall be returned to the organizer of the event and may be made in fair play, as long as the causes invoked for return are exceptional (canceling the event)
  1. f) In the event that an event is canceled, please send your request in this respect to the contact address of the canceled event organizer. Organizer contact details are found attached to all events. In order to register the money request for purchased tickets, it is necessary to send an email to the event organizer with the subject 'Return - order number - event name' together with a copy of proof of payment for the order.
  1. g) GirlsLoveTechno  will collaborate with the organizer of the event in question to reimburse the price paid for the tickets purchased by the buyer, but does not provide any guarantee to that effect and has no obligation to compensate the buyer for the ticket without prior agreement of the organizer of the event.
  1. h) The proceeds of the sold tickets are settled at specified intervals in the organizers 'accounts in accordance with the contractual arrangements with them, therefore, if an event is canceled, GirlsLoveTechno  can only make efforts to cause event organizers to return buyers' money, using other pathways except legal ways.
  1. i) If the Organizer and GirlsLoveTechno  have agreed in writing to return the Ticket equivalent by GirlsLoveTechno , the return shall be made no sooner than 7 days after the official cancellation notice of the event. GirlsLoveTechno  will issue a communiqué through the specific channels of communication announcing buyers of specific return methods for e-tickets and / or printed tickets and refund methods of ticket equivalents based on the payment method chosen by the buyer at the time of purchase of the tickets . In the event that the Organizer does not return the amounts for the orders required for return to GirlsLoveTechno , legal actions initiated by the buyers will be made against the organizer, not the distributor, in this case GirlsLoveTechno .
  1. j) After returning, the tickets are automatically invalidated. Tickets that have been damaged or have not been purchased through the GirlsLoveTechno  platform will not be accepted for return and refund of their equivalents.
  1. k) In order to remove any doubt, GirlsLoveTechno  and the organizer of the event state that only the ticket price will be refunded (without any other fees, charges, costs, expenses incurred by the buyer upon purchase, including but not limited to courier, service charge, ticket issuance fee, administration fee, payment method costs, if applicable, etc.).

7.3 Loss / Theft of tickets

In case of loss or theft of online tickets, the buyer user is obliged to notify the organizer of this fact in order to replace the tickets. If the user fails to notify the organizer in good time, the Organizer or GirlsLoveTechno  assumes no responsibility for the use of the tickets by another person, nor for the initial buyer's failure to participate in the event on the basis of lost / stolen tickets. Under no circumstances can tickets be returned after the event has taken place. 

  1. Processing of personal data

GirlsLoveTechno  processes your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which are an integral part of this set of Terms and Conditions for Users. Please review these documents for complete information about the processing of personal data by GirlsLoveTechno  and how you can exercise your rights to protect your data.

 GirlsLoveTechno  can then send you an SMS or email promotional offers for other events you might be interested in. The purpose of these messages is  a customer loyalty program. If you do not want to receive this information anymore, you can unsubscribe anytime from the newsletter or write to us  Info@girlslovetechno.events  to anonymize your data on  GirlsLoveTechno  Service.

  1. Intellectual Property

The materials and information accessible through the Site, the content and graphics of the Site, including but not limited to all textual content as well as the technical sources of all present and future services and facilities, except for when expressly mentioned by another owner, the sources of the pages as well as any other material transmitted in any form to and to the Users (by direct viewing on the site, through the newsletter etc.) belong to GirlsLoveTechno  and its partners and represent the content of the Site.

The content of the Site, irrespective of where it is in the site and of whatever type, may be used exclusively for personal use. Any use of content by third parties for purposes other than personal use may be done only with the express, prior written consent of GirlsLoveTechno . It is forbidden to copy, retrieve, reproduce, publish, transmit, sell, partially distribute, completely or alter the content of this site or any part thereof made for purposes other than personal use, with the following exceptions:

  • it is allowed to reproduce (on non-commercial websites, forums, press articles, etc.) small fragments of published articles (max. 2 paragraphs). Specification of the source of information taken is mandatory, in the following form: (Source: GirlsLoveTechno )
  • Links to the Site are allowed, and the specification of the source of the information will be made after each link or end of the article as follows: 'Information courtesy of GirlsLoveTechno .

GirlsLoveTechno  reserves the right to bring to court any person and / or entity violating the above provisions in any way. Requests for use of the content of the site for any purpose other than personal use may be made at the following email address: Info@girlslovetechno.events Any person who delivers in any way information or material to the site assumes no obligation whatsoever to prejudice in any way the copyright that a third party may invoke in relation to the materials and information transmitted in any way to the site, persons who submit in any way information or material understand and accept that violation in any way of this obligation can not in any way engage GirlsLoveTechno   liability, but only the liability of those persons.

  1. Data traffic

Data traffic associated with the use of the Site is charged according to the Tariff Plan of the User's Mobile Operator.

 Limitation of liability

GirlsLoveTechno  is not responsible in any way, and does not bear any responsibility for the card processing service.

GirlsLoveTechno  is not responsible for any error and / or fraud arising out of or in connection with this service. However, although payment services are provided and guided entirely and independently by our suppliers, GirlsLoveTechno  will take all reasonable steps to limit as much as possible the risk of these errors and / or fraud.

GirlsLoveTechno  assumes no obligation and does not warrant by default or expressly for the content provided by its partners or by the Users of the Site. GirlsLoveTechno  will do its utmost to ensure accuracy and trust in the Site and will attempt to correct errors and omissions as quickly as possible. However, GirlsLoveTechno  is not responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information provided by Users.

Exclusively, Site Users agree to waive liability on GirlsLoveTechno  for any judicial or extrajudicial action arising out of the use of the Site incorrectly or fraudulently.

In the event of a case of force majeure, GirlsLoveTechno  and / or its operators, directors, employees, branches, subsidiaries and their representatives are totally relieved of their liability. Cases of force majeure include, but are not limited to, GirlsLoveTechno  technical equipment malfunctions, lack of Internet connection, lack of phone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to Site systems, operating errors, strike, war, etc

Users shall waive claims, claims, actions, charges, losses, damages, costs (including, without limitation, lawyers' fees), costs, judgments, decisions, fines, adjustments or other obligations arising out of or related to any other action User in connection with the use of the GirlsLoveTechno  Service or any other aspect related to the GirlsLoveTechno  Service.

  1. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

GirlsLoveTechno  has the right to unilaterally modify the Terms and Conditions for Users at any time as well as any other relevant policies. The use of the Site in any way or of the GirlsLoveTechno  Service, after changing the Terms and Conditions, represents the User's acceptance of the changes made. The modified Terms and Conditions will apply to any order / transaction from the date of the change.

  1. Applicable law. litigation

The rights and obligations of Site users and GirlsLoveTechno , as set  forth in the General Terms and Conditions for Users, as well as any legal effects that the Terms and Conditions will produce, shall be construed in accordance with and governed by applicable Romanian law. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions will be settled amicably. In case of impossibility to reach an agreement, the litigation will be settled by the competent Romanian court within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality of Bucharest.